Developer Contribution Analyzer (SNAnalyzer)

SNAnalyzer is currently not available

SNAnalyzer is an Eclipse plugin developed on top of Evolizer. The tool is used to browse the developer contribution structure obtained from CVS information with an interactive graph. Nodes in the graph represent files and authors (committers). Edges represent the commits of authors to files at the selected observation period. The observation period can be selected by the user to navigate forth and back through the CVS history.

The following figure shows a screen shot of browsing the CVS history of


Green nodes denote files that have been modified by authors depicted by gray nodes.


SNAnalyzer is currently not available

Getting started

SNAnalyzer visualizes the developer contribution structure obtained from a CVS repository. Before using SNAnalyzer you need to extract this information using the CVS Importer of Evolizer. For getting started with Evolizer and its CVS Importer, read the following two tutorials Evolizer Installation (the part about enabling Evolizer) and CVS Import.

First steps with SNAnalyzer

After the Evolizer model has been stored to the database you can use SNAnalyzer to navigate through the developer contribution information:
  • To activate SNAnalyzer, select the Evolizer enabled project and use "Show SN Graph" from the context menu Evolizer -> SN Analyzer. This is always the first step to do, otherwise no connection to the Evolizer DB can be found.
  • Use the calendar to select a date for the observation period (default is the today).
  • Use the left and right arrows to browse forth and back in the CVS history.
  • Use the Margin and Factor comboboxes to select the length of the observation period in X days, X weeks, or X months before and after the selected date.
  • Use the text-fields to specify a particular observation period with a start and end date. Note to enter the dates in the right format (e.g., 10-Jun-2010).
  • Use the "reset" button to reset the graph layout. This is sometimes necessary when the graph appears in the top-left corner of the view.


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User feedback

Your feedback is welcome. Please send it to [[[SNAnalyzer]%20User%20Feedback User Feedback]]

Change Log

Version 0.1.0
  • Update-site online

Copyright and Licensing information

The use of SNAnalyzer is restricted to non-commercial purposes (research, teaching, student projects, courses and application development). See also the licensing information below.

SNAnalyzer has been developed with the yFiles graph library version 2.5, hence, is subject to the yFiles academic license.

Copyright is by Martin Pinzger, Software Engineering Research Group, Alpen-Adria Univserity Klagenfurt and s.e.a.l., University of Zurich. All rights are reserved by Martin Pinzger, Software Engineering Research Group, Alpen-Adria Univserity Klagenfurt and s.e.a.l., University of Zurich.

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