PhD and Master Students

I have the pleasure to supervise and co-supervise a number of PhD and Master students.

PhD Students

I am currently working together with:

  • Stefanie Beyer, Identifying Android App Developers’ Challenges through Mining Stack Overflow, AAU, Austria, defended in April 2018
  • Nicolas Dintzner, Feature-Oriented Evolution of Variant-rich Software Systems TU Delft, The Netherlands, defended in July 2017
  • Anja Guzzi,Supporting Developers’ Teamwork from within the IDE, TU Delft, The Netherlands, defended in March 2015
  • Daniele Romano, Analyzing the Change-Proneness of APIs and Web APIs, TU Delft, The Netherlands, defended in January 2015
  • Felienne Hermans, Analyzing and Visualizing Spreadsheets, TU Delft, The Netherlands, defended in January, 2013

PhD Committee Memberships
  • Tommaso dal Sasso, University of Lugano
  • Haidar Osman, University of Bern, Empirically-Grounded Construction of Bug Prediction and Detection Tools, defended in December 2017
  • Marko Janković, Semi-automatic Reconstruction and Continuous Improvement of Software Development Methods, University of Ljubljana
  • Gerald Ninaus, Recommendation Technologies in Requirements Engineering, Technische Universitaet Graz, defended in April 2016
  • Jaechang Nam, Defect Prediction on Unlabeled Software Datasets, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, defended in July 2015
  • Fehmi Jaafar, Analyzing Artefacts Dependencies to Evolving Software Systems, University of Montreal, defended in December 2013
  • Fabian Beck, Understanding Multi-Dimensional Code Couplings, University of Trier, defended in June 2013
  • Siim Karus, Maintainability of XML Transformations, University of Tartu, defended in June 2011

Master Students

I am currently working together with:
  • Karin Wagner
  • Guido Breitenhuber

  • Thomas Grassauer, Studying Co-Evolution of Production and Test Code in .NET Open Source Projects, October 2016
  • Kavitha Shanmugam, Evolution of Custom SAP Applications (together with Infineon), September 2014
  • Jelle Fresen, Analyzing web applications by visualizing their state-flow graphs (together with Andy Zaidman), October 2013
  • Maria Kalouda, Analyzing the Evolution of WSDL Interfaces using Metrics (together with Daniele Romano and Andy Zaidman), September 2013
  • Ben Sedee, Copy-Paste Detection in Spreadsheets (together with Felienne Hermans, Infotron), February 2013
  • Paulius Raila, The Impact of Antipatterns on the Change-Proneness of Software Systems (together with Daniele Romano), December 2012
  • Didier Liauw, ArchWiki: Using Web 2.0 for Architecture Knowledge Management, October 2012
  • Marco Krikke, Investigating the usefulness of stack traces in bug triaging, August 2012
  • Nigel Karsidi, Managing Software Design Erosion with Design Conformance Checking, May 2012
  • René Pingen, Investigation of the impact of cohesion on the change-proneness of Java interfaces, March 2012
  • Mathieu Brüning, Native Cross-platform Mobile Application Development Using Voind, January 2012
  • Niels Cobben, Visualizing the Local Neighborhood for Supporting Debugging with DA4Java, November 2011
  • Simon Sabelis, Re-Engineering Web-Applications to Single Sign-On, August 2011
  • Ruben Wieman, Anti-Pattern Scanner: An Approach to Detect Anti-Patterns and Design Violations, May 2011
  • Andre Cunha, An Empirical Investigation of Source Code Metrics and FindBugs Warnings, July 2010
  • Andres Petralli, FAMIXDiff - a Context Aware Algorithm to Extract Structural Changes Be- tween FAMIX Models, September 2008
  • Katja Gräfenhain, Visual Analysis of Java Class Dependencies, November 2007
  • Raoul Schmidiger, Analyzing and Detecting Design Flaws using Source Code Change Information, September 2007
  • Barbara Schwarz, Analyzing and Visualizing the Communication of Changes in Open Source Software Systems, April 2007
  • Daniel Zuberbühler, A Visual Evolution Explorer: Visualizing a Release History Database, October 2006
  • Andreas Jetter, Assessing Software Quality Attributes with Source Code Metrics, October 2006
  • Roman Flückiger, Kiviat Navigator: Navigation of Source Code Data Using Kiviat-Graphs, October 2006
  • Dominik Schaffhauser, Detecting Design Violations and Code Smells by Bug-Impact Analysis, May 2006
  • Christian Hanimann, Towards an Integrated Tool Platform for Software Architecture and Evolution Analysis, April 2006
  • Bela Grossmann, Developing a Change Prediction Cost Model Based on Version History Data and Change Couplings, March 2006
  • Dane Marjanovic, Release History Meta Modeling, January 2006
  • Tobias Sager, Coogle - A Code-Google Plugin for Eclipse, December 2005
  • Thomas Meyer, Decorating The Web: Building Reusable Web Script Components, May 2005
  • Peter Ming, Reengineering of an Investment Fund Information Platform, May 2005
  • Patrick Knab, Mining Release History: Applying Data Mining to Release History and Source Code Data, May 2005

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