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I am offering a number of Master's Thesis projects either on a research topic of our group or in cooperation with industrial partners.

Master's Thesis Projects @ SERG

Various Master's Thesis projects are available. A Master's Thesis in our research group offers you the opportunity to dig deep into a recent research topic and work together with well known researchers in an international research team.

Automating Software Engineering Tasks

Software developers are typically burdened with (too) many tasks that involve implementing new features, fixing bugs, refactoring, testing, documenting, etc.. Recent research has indicated some potential to automate parts of some of these tasks to "some" extent. The goal of these thesis projects is to find out to which extent it is possible to automate these tasks. Thesis projects comprise the investigation of mining and deep/machine learning techniques as well as the implementation of prototype tools (that can be integrated into modern software development environments) to automate these tasks.

Software Evolution Analysis

Software repositories, such as versioning systems, bug repositories, and mailing lists, keep track of issues and changes in a software project. Access to these repositories are provided by online collaboration platforms, such as GitHub, Bitbucket, and Google Code. They store a wealth of information from which we can learn a number of general and project specific best practices to better develop and maintain software. Thesis projects comprise the investigation and adaptation of different data mining and machine learning techniques to identify best and bad practices and the investigation of useful means to provide them to software developers in form of advisory/recommender techniques.

Software Visualization

Program understanding still accounts for more than 50% of software developing costs. Software visualization techniques are a means to lower that by relying on the visual capabilities of humans. In our previous research, we have developed several visualization tools, such as DA4Java to browse, and navigate object-oriented source code, and SNAnalyzer to browse the contributions of developers to a software project. Thesis projects comprise various extensions of our visualization techniques, development of new visualization techniques, as well as, the inclusion of new data sources that can be leveraged to improve the comprehension of programs, their changes, collaborations, and the localization of failures in programs.

Spreadsheet Analysis

Spreadsheets are used extensively in business for all sorts of tasks and purposes and often for business-critical applications. They are end-user programs that underly similar rules as traditional software systems. While the quality of software is checked more rigorously this is not true for spreadsheets, especially with respect to maintainability. Thesis projects comprise the investigation of metrics to measure the complexity of spreadsheets and their risk of failure, as well as visualization techniques to allow spreadsheet users to better understand complex spreadsheets.

Master's Thesis Projects @ Companies

Please contact me for more information on available Master's Thesis projects @ companies.

You are also welcome to come with your own proposal for a Master's Thesis project. Please contact me for more information.

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