Evolizer is a platform to enable software evolution analysis within Eclipse. Evolizer provides a set of meta-models to represent software project data and adequate importer tools to obtain this data from software project repositories. Our current implementation provides support for importing and representing data from the version-control systems CVS and Subversion, the bug tracking system Bugzilla, Java source code, fine-grained source code changes, as well as, the integration of these models. Using the Eclipse plug-in extension facilities and the Hibernate object-relational mapping framework, it is straight forward to extend existing or add new meta-models and data importers in Evolizer. Models are defined by Java classes, annotated with Hibernate tags, and added to the list of model classes. This list of classes is loaded by Evolizer and provided to the other Evolizer plug-ins for accessing the software evolution data. The utilization of the Eclipse plugin-mechanism to extensible meta-models is the main advantage of Evolizer over existing mining tools.

IEEE Software, Vol. 26 (1), 2009.

You can download the sources from the Evolizer bitbucket repository.

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