Free and Sports Climbing

While we were climbing classical routes in the Alps I often spotted impressively beautiful rock walls. Immediately I thought, wouldn't it be awesome to climb these walls. My hands started sweating and I knew I had to do this and started with free and sports climbing.

Areas and Training Centers

I have been to many beautiful places for climbing in Europe. Short reports and pictures on our climbing trips are available at Below, I added several links to other spots and training centers, which I try to visit regularly.


There are many beautiful places in the Alps and I still need to discover most of them. Among the many places I have been to, my favorite spots are Grimsel & Furka, and Bergell. All have excellent granite with plenty of multi-pitch routes. Some impressions from our trip to Grimsel, Eldorado, Motörhead.

Kaernten and Klagenfurt

  • Maltatal, stunning, beautiful area with lots of solid boulders. Important - park your car at the signed parking lot and follow the marked path for accessing the boulders (e.g., do not park, camp on, or cross the farmland!). Leave every spot behind clean. Check Maltatal Klettern and Bergtotal Malta for more information.


  • Kanzianiberg
  • Eisenkappel

I can recommend the following bouldering halls in or close to Klagenfurt for good work outs:

  • Boulderama, largest bouldering hall in Klagenfurt, many great problems
  • Megapoint, in the center of Klagenfurt, three blocks provide several routes
  • Bouldergarage, St. Johann im Rosental, a garage full of bouldering problems


Tafoni, tafoni! Beautiful island that offers everything a climber desires (rocks, sun, rivers, sea, etc.). See the pictures of our 2012 trip to the Bavella pass, Corsica.


Limestone with many interesting formations, in particular runnels. A short report and pictures on our 2011 climbing trip to Paklenica are available at Paklenica.


A must for fans of sports and clean climbing on beautiful red sandstone. There are thousands of routes on rocks up to 60 meters that cover all the different climbing techniques. For more information see Pfaelzer Kletterer (in German).


This is the most awesome place for bouldering I have been to. See for more information. There is nothing to add!

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