Tools and Resources

Tools present an important output of our research that we would like to share with the software engineering community. Below is a list of tools (most of them prototypes) that are made available for free.


  • Evolizer - platform for importing and storing data from software repositories.


  • TSST - Tag synonym suggestion tool for tags on Stack Overflow.
  • ArchWiki - Eclipse plug-in to document and navigate software architectures with a wiki.
  • ChangeDistiller - Extracting fine-grained changes from Java source code (developers by s.e.a.l. group at the University of Zurich in collaboration with Martin Pinzger)
  • Famix Importer - Eclipse plug-in for parsing Java code to a FAMIX model.
  • DA4Java - Eclipse plug-in for visualizing and exploring Java code.
  • SNAnalyzer - Eclipse plug-in to visualize and explore the developer contribution structure obtaind from commits over time.

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