Available Softwarepraktika, Research- and Praxissemesters

The following is a list of industrial partners that offer chances for performing a Softwarepraktikum (Bachelor) and/or Praxissemester (Master):

Assignments at SERG (Forschungssemester)

These assignments are performed within our research group. They offer students a very good opportunity to get in touch with an internationally renowned research group in the area of software engineering. SERG offers a professional environment and, for some assignments, also some financial compensation for excellent work. Currently, the following assignments are available.

Reengineering and Improving DA4Java

The main goal of this assignment is to reengineer our existing source code visualization tool DA4Java to use a new, open source graphic library. DA4Java is an Eclipse plug-in implemented in Java that uses Hibernate to access the database and a commercial graph library to visualize the graphs. For the new version of DA4Java, we plan to use an open source graph library, e.g., JGraph. As another option, we are also open for a complete re-implementation of the tool using new technologies for storing and visualizing graphs, such as neo4j and/or d3js. Furthermore, we are also open for new features and improvements of DA4Java.

Requirements: Candidates need to a have strong background in Java programming and should be knowledgeable in implementing Eclipse plug-ins.

For more information contact Martin Pinzger.

Assignments in Industry (Softwarepraktika, Praxissemesters)

We collaborate with a number of companies in Carinthia, such as Mazda IT, Peaksolutions, Skidata, Econob, Dynatrace, Infineon, and many others. They offer assignments for Softwarepraktika and Praxissemesters. Please either contact the company for open assignments or Martin Pinzger.

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