The Software Engineering Research Group is currently offering the following courses.

Winter Semester (WS)

CodeSorted descending Title Lecturer ECTS Type
626.011 Research Methods and Skills in Informatics Martin Pinzger 4 VC
623.800 Seminar in Software Engineering Martin Pinzger 4 SE
623.821 Current Topics in Software Engineering - Software Reengineering Martin Pinzger 4 VC
622.050 Spezifikation und Verifikation Muhammad Taimoor Khan 2 VO
621.200 Software Engineering 1 Martin Pinzger 2 VO

Summer Semester (SS)

Code Title Lecturer ECTS Type
621.250 Software Engineering 2 Martin Pinzger 2 VO
622.300 System Development Process Muhammad Taimoor Khan 4 VC
623.825 Current Topics in Software Engineering - Certified Software Development Muhammad Taimoor Khan 4 VC
622.980 Scientific Writing Martin Pinzger 4 SE

Privatissima and Lab Courses/Softwarepraktika (WS/SS)

Code Title Lecturer ECTS Type
622.963/622.973 Volles/verkuerztes Praxissemester Martin Pinzger 27/15 PR
622.968/622.978 Volles/verkuerztes Forschungssemester Martin Pinzger 27/15 PR
622.959 Projektübergreifende Aufarbeitung Martin Pinzger 1 PR
624.010 Privatissimum für Diplomand/inn/en und Dissertant/inn/en Martin Pinzger 2 PV
626.000 Seminar for Doctoral Students Martin Pinzger 4 SE

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