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Our mission is to research and teach theories, methods, processes, and techniques for building and evolving large, complex, and long-living software systems. We aim at adding the engineering to the profession of software developers, making their live more productive and cheerful, and resulting in software systems of high quality. SERG is led by Martin Pinzger and part of the Institute of Informatics Systems, Faculty of Technical Sciences, at the Alpen-Adria Universität Klagenfurt.

Studying Computer Science at the Alpen-Adria Universität Klagenfurt

Our university offers an attractive and international program for doing a Bachelor, Master, and/or a Doctorate in Computer Science. As one of our Master students stated: "Studying computer science at the Alpen-Adria Universität Klagenfurt offers a challenging road that is rewarded with great job opportunities." For more information see the study guides on the Bachelor, Master and Doctorate programs.

We are looking for students with strong technical or research skills for doing a Master's Thesis or a Softwarepraktika with us. We have a number of open thesis projects also in collaboration with industry. Find out more info on our open thesis projects on this web-site. Regarding Softwarepraktika check out this web-site.

Collaborating with SERG

In addition to basic research, we have a big interest in performing applied research whose results are transferred to industry, governmental institutions, and open source communities. The collaborations of Martin Pinzger with Philips Healthcare, KPMG, Robeco, and the Software Improvement Group (SIG) are good examples of such a knowledge transfer. Our research results also create opportunities for spin-offs as demonstrated by Infotron, a Dutch start-up company co-founded by Martin Pinzger utilizing the results of our spreadsheet research. If you are interested in a collaboration with SERG, e.g., in form of a partner in a research project, sponsor of our research, or in some other form, contact us.


  • August 2016 - Dr. Laszlo Vidacs is visiting us for 5 months to collaborate on the co-evolution of product and test code and test quality.
  • July 2016 - Our project proposal "SoftwareDynamics2: Fine-Grained Evolution of Software Behavior" has been accepted by FWF (see also the SoftwareDynamics web-site)

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